Friday, January 16, 2009


This little guy is named HappyHappy. He loves to smile for pictures. His favorite food is candy. And he also loves hugs.He is the most huggable monster in the bunch.His button eyes make him safe for children three years of age or older. Unless your three year old likes to eat buttons and then you have to use your best judgement.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Weewah grew up in a small community of monsters that had no contact with the outside world. Everything he says starts with the letter W. You see, he speaks a language called Weewah and hasn't been able to learn English or the hybrid language monster/english. His words are impossible to understand but he still manages to communicates his wants and needs. Buddy is 8" tall. Handsewn eyes mean he's baby safe but he gets along with children of all ages.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Don't let his "aw shucks" demeanor fool you. Loki is a little trouble maker. He's been hiding my can of Folger's every day, since he's joined us. He figured out it's the one thing I need to set my world right first thing in the morning and thought it would be fun to push my buttons.He promises to be good if we find him a nice home, but I recommend you hide your coffee.Loki is 7" tall and babysafe

Friday, January 9, 2009


Fluffy's name isn't very original, but don't blame her. She didn't name herself. And there's no denying that she is soft and fluffy. The name could not be more fitting.She loves hugs and butterfly kisses.Fluffy is 10 inches tall from toe to tip and baby safe.


Blooey is a little sensitive about his appearance. He's only 5 and half inches tall and he's heavier than he thinks he should be for his height. I've told him repeatedly that he looks fine but that doesn't stop him from worrying. Aside from that one little insecurity, he's a very sweet monster and would make someone a great companion.I consider him baby safe because of the hand sewn eyes.


Yule is a little off center. His mouth is crooked. His eyes are uneven. One arm is longer than the other. But he acts and behaves like any other little monster. He doesn't think there is anything wrong with him, so why should we tell him? We just treat him like one of the gang.To tell you the truth, all of my monsters are a little unbalanced.Baby safe. 7" tall.


Bugsy is a tough guy. He doesn't like to be trifled with. Don't look at him the wrong way or he'll do something about it. We've had him enrolled in behavior modification classes here at the Vexillia monster school but he couldn't care less.We are torn between breaking him down to build him back him into the monster that we want or just letting him find his own way. Perhaps, on his own, he'll learn how to behave like a proper monster.Perhaps not.